‌Welcome to Mark Offshore, where we specialize in overcoming the unique challenges of shallow water projects with expertise and efficiency. Whether it's in dredging, marine construction, oil and gas, renewables, or mining, we have the expertise and partners to tackle any obstacle that comes our way.
We understand that shallow water operations can present unique difficulties, but we see them as opportunities to showcase our capabilities and deliver innovative solutions. Our worldwide partners operate a diverse fleet of shallow draft workboats and specialized equipment, this coupled with our highly skilled teams, allows us to tackle any project with confidence.

‌In addition to providing excellent project execution, we also offer a one-stop subcontractor solution. At Mark Offshore, we pride ourselves on being the connecting link between your shallow water projects, subcontractors and asset owners. Our teams can take care of all aspects of project management, planning, and execution, as well as managing all necessary subcontractors and needed assets.
With over 20 years of experience in shallow water operations, we have developed tactical partnerships with the best professionals in the business. Our teams have the knowledge and expertise to handle the hassle and administration of managing all the subcontractors needed for your project.

‌No matter the size or complexity of your project, Mark Offshore is committed to delivering successful outcomes. Our worldwide partners and extensive experience in shallow water projects ensure that we can source all needed assets and deliver projects on time and on budget. Let Mark Offshore be your trusted partner for all your shallow water marine projects.

Don't let shallow water challenges hold you back. CALL US NOW +31 618518126 to discuss the possibilities and let us help you achieve success in your next project. 

ship management

We offer comprehensive ship management services for shallow draft workboats.


Mark Offshore provides tailored services for the maritime domain.


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